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A business owner's time should be spent creating systems. Systems whereby skilled and not so skilled employees can implement that system to perform the task to meet business expectations. That becomes an automated system that will allow you, as the business owner, to work on your business not in your business.
We recommend reading "The E Myth - Contractor" by Michael Gerber

"The value (your business worth) of your equity (your labor) is directly proportionate to how well your business works. And how well your business works is directly proportional to the effectiveness of the systems you have put into place." Michael Gerber author "The E Myth - Contractor".

Creating automated systems for your shop procedures will free up your "business owner" time. A business owner can also free up time by delegating tasks to employees or out sourcing them. A cordless drill is an example, it's an automated drill and screw driver. It's easy for a business owner to get wrapped up in every task and situation that happens in your shop. Check yourself by asking if your business can run itself when you leave for a vacation.
A ready to use sink mold also helps you achieve an automated system and free up your business owner time. With a collection of sink molds you have a predictable system to make any number of sink styles.

Having an automated system is not working nights and weekends. They give you continuous production with predictable results. There is no production loss time while reinventing the wheel. We have over 100 sink molds to choose from.

While some fabricators are posting pictures of their kids on Instagram and Facebook at games watching their son/daughter score a point and feeling so damn proud or of a hunting/fishing trip they went on. They get automation. There are some posting pics of a mold they worked all night or weekend to crank out.
I get the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with that, but how does that affect your bottom line? Would a stock mold have been easier and allow you leave your shop earlier?