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The Opportunity
Crete Molds saw an opportunity in the fiberglass concrete sink molds industry. At the time there were other fiberglass molds available but the price points were 2 to 3 times more then Crete Molds pricing. A simple ramp for example had a price tag of over $500.00. The quality was very poor, there was no inner reinforcement, and water was not draining and has a negative draft causing molds to be permanently embedded in the countertop. If you bought two of them you were likely end up with two different shapes.

Ready Go
Crete Molds entered with pricing and quality that caused others to react or quit making molds. Crete Molds applied for a United States Patent on their "Rimlock" technology; implemented a polished finish and standardized their molds to pitch and drain properly. Crete Molds also saw fit to incorporate a "lifetime warranty" and all sink molds. Crete Molds has raised the bar and has caused competitors to lower their pricing to be more compatible. This would make one wonder how could prior pricing be so high? The cost of materials hasn't gone down. Why would past pricing need to be so high? If not for Crete Molds quality standards, what would the quality be like?

We hope you decide to bring your business to the trend setter. If you've been in the business for awhile then you may have seen these changes in quality and pricing. We have grown our company with high quality