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Atlas Stone Molds - Choose Your Size 10" - 16"
Atlas Stone Molds
Atlas Stone Molds
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Atlas Stone Molds
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Atlas Stone Molds

Atlas Stone Molds have been trusted by athletes as a way to produce their Atlas Stones, be it for personal use or as complete set for a gym.

No matter how complex gym equipment gets, sometimes you just need to pick up a massive ball of concrete. When that time comes, make your own with the BEST DAMN atlas stone molds out there!

Atlas stones were first introduced into World’s Strongest Man competition in 1986 and may not have gained their now-infamous name until 1998, though that’s another story.

Now this fundamental strength training weapon is filtering down into more and more fitness scenes, advancing from traditional strongman capacity to bolster new sports like Spartan, OCR and Crossfit.

But they aren’t the sort of thing you just have lying around – that’s where Crete Molds steps in!

We’ve been the kings of concrete since 2009, providing the best atlas stone molds so you and your team can cast professional quality DIY atlas stones.

How to use our molds

Our atlas stone mold range covers 6 sizes from 10” to 16” in diameter for weights to suit all training purposes. The approximate weight of each complete stone is:

  • 10” - 42lbs
  • 12” - 73lbs
  • 13” - 93lbs
  • 14” - 116lbs
  • 15” - 142lbs
  • 16” - 175lbs

You can pick these up as single molds or go for sets of 4, 5, or 6 if you need to get a production line going. Each set comes with a series of mold sizes so you can supercharge your workout with laser precision.

For unlimited castings we make our atlas stone molds from the best ABS grade plastic, which offers:

  • High-impact strength across all temperatures
  • Easy processing
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Corrosion and abrasion-resistant
  • Non-toxic and halogen-free
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Lightweight and reusable

These are the most durable atlas stone molds in the world and great value too, so you can exceed your potential while saving money!

The secret recipe

Gather these ingredients and check out our comprehensive videos for a surefire guide on how to use your atlas stone molds.

  • Concrete
  • Concrete release agent (or cooking spray such as Pam)
  • Zip ties or 14 ¾” sheet metal screws
  • Concrete mixing bag or container
  • Clean water (add ice for hot weather casting!)
  • 7 Amp or higher drill with wire mixer or mixing hoe
  • Brick rub for sanding seam
  • Several 5 gallon buckets

We pride ourselves on just how easy it is – no mess, no clean-up. Just pure DIY atlas stones!

Let’s roll

Soon you’ll be molding yourself into a new athlete, lifting more than you thought possible and pushing your endurance through walls that no longer exist.

How to train with an atlas stone

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